Andrea Sulzbacher - Services


Private Pilates/Yoga sessions are by appointment only. Using Pilates, Yoga movement/stretching,breath principles and energy healing work, each private session is tailored to the clients specific needs and body imbalances.

Some Benefits:

Bio-energetic Healing Therapy

This is a 90-minute, deeply relaxing full-body treatment. This special therapeutic session begins with a back/spinal massage plus shiatsu that uses pressure points to open up the meridians (energy pathways). Next comes subtle energy balancing using advanced cold laser light and pranic therapy. Next is deep neck/shoulder release through specific acupressure points, followed by cranio-sacral therapy, which works with your nervous system and its intricate connections to all your muscles and organs as well as your subtle energy bodies. Cranio-sacral therapy is known to heal the body from trauma on a physical level. The therapy ends with foot reflexology to ground and harmonize your body.This sequence of advanced techniques enables your entire body to fall into a deep, sleep-like meditative and peaceful state.

This therapy is ideal for clients suffering from emotional distress, chronic physical pain, and many other health imbalances.